God’s Story.
Today’s World.
Your Impact.

You were created to make a unique impact in the world.
Created For explores ideas around purpose,
calling and discovering how God is inviting you
to influence the world in your own way right now.

Connecting Your Story to God’s Story.

What is the grander narrative of what God has been doing in the world throughout time that you get to be a part of? How do you connect to that story?

Understanding your Unique Gifts, Strengths, and Passions.

God created you uniquely. Who you have been created to be has an impact on the influence in the world that you’ve been made to make. 

A Community-Informed and Community-Supported Calling.

What is the community that God has placed you in that informs your calling? This can include your family, culture, and ethnicity or your neighborhood, church or geographic location. How does the community you’ve been placed in inform the influence you were created to make in the world. 

Additionally, as you pursue living out your unique impact, what is the community that will support you on this journey?

Skills for impact.

How can you get greater equipping to live out your place in God’s story?

Noticing Your Unique Calling.

What is the opportunity around you that God is inviting you into for this moment or season of your life? What, where and how is God inviting you to influence the world?


Who can participate in Created For?
Created For is for anyone! We exist to help followers of Jesus understand and live into the impact that God is inviting them to make in the world.

Can I still watch the event from March 8th?
You can no longer watch the full event in its entirety. But you can watch each of the nine talks here: WATCH.

What are Cru’s beliefs?
You can find Cru’s statement of faith here.

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Created For is hosted by the City Division of Cru.