God's Story
Today's World
Your Impact

Danielle Coke

Your Present Purpose

Four Steps to Unlocking Your Calling

Emma Tautolo

When God Doesn’t Show Up

Living Out Your Purpose in the Midst of Broken Dreams

Drew Hyun

To Be Seen and Noticed

The Longing We All Have to Truly Be Loved Just As We Are

Rich Villodas

To Belong to One Another

How We Can Remain Calm and Curious with Others in Times of High Anxiety

Drew Jackson

Being Present to the Presence of God

Solitude as a Practice to Distinguish the Voice of God

Tracey Gee

The Uniqueness of You

The Real Truth to Finding Your Calling

Terry Wildman

Being Who Creator Made Us To Be

A First Nations Look at the Beauty and Diversity of Humanity

Milton Massie

To Whom Do I Belong

Remembering Your Anchor When You Are Wondering Where You Belong

Tiffany Bluhm

The Pursuit of Your Dreams

How Your Hardest Moments Are Not the Breaking of You

David Robbins

Christ in Us

When You Are Wondering, “Can God Really Use Me?”

Chris Ghubril

Who Am I?

How Your Ethnicity is Part of God’s Design to Fulfill His Mission

Jocelyn Chung

Made to Create

How Creativity Can Be a Pathway for Communal Healing, Resistance and Flourishing

Elizabeth McKinney

Jesus Saw His Neighbors

Reimagining Relationships With Our Next-Door Neighbors

Rasool Berry

We Are Created For

How Christians can Engage Culture

Liz Forkin Bohannon

Dream Small

Stepping into Your Purpose One Small Step at a Time

Jo Saxton

Step Into Your Influence

A Kingdom Call In These Disorienting Times

Justin Giboney

Thy Civic Neighbor

The Great Cost of True Neighborly Love in a Loveless Age

Rich Villodas

Slowing Down to Catch up to God

Rhythm Over Rushing and Embracing Limits