Spiritual Awakening Sparked by Illusionist

Chris Sneller

A church that is 120 years old has seen a lot. But never this. A man levitated above the stage, in front of the massive organ pipes.

Patricia Delgado and her neighbors walked down Bell Hill in Worcester, Massachusetts, to Belmont Street Baptist Church. Over 250 people entered the massive stone sanctuary that the congregation had hand-built decades ago.

Having an illusionist in their church made some members leery. But Patricia, who wasn't a member, sat transfixed during the presentation by André Kole, an illusionist with Cru. Though he didn't reveal how he appeared to levitate, he did explain how the audience could know God personally.

According to associate pastor Norberto Soto, one-third of the attendees were from the neighborhood, making it the biggest evangelistic outreach in the church's history.

"[We wanted to] reconnect our church to the immediate community," Norberto said.

Best of all, Patricia and 67 others indicated decisions to invite Jesus into their lives. Since then, Patricia and her children, Tyrone and Giovani, have attended church every week.

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