How Does LeaderImpact Work?

다민족 현대 비즈니스 태블릿 노트북 같은 기술적 장치와 연결 된 일 하는 사람들, 얘기 함께-금융, 비즈니스, 기술 개념

What do you need in order to succeed as a leader involved in LeaderImpact?

First, you need a Kingdom Vision or a visionary context. What is a kingdom vision? It just means: I am attaching my life and priorities to something bigger than me. In fact, only Jesus’ kingdom vision is big enough to draw out the best in us. Second, it’s best to discover, and accomplish, big kingdom vision with a smaller group of people, who are trustworthy like-minded partners. Let’s call that a Mission Focused Community.

The third thing you need is some kind of simple Plan. You are encouraged to develop a basic plan, an organizational structure to support it, an annual schedule and the resources to realize the vision. The fourth thing every growing believer needs is Ongoing Learning. What do you need to learn? For example, you may want to learn how to share your faith in your workplace. Perhaps you would like training in how to share your testimony, or how to ask and answer hard questions. This level of discipleship happens in the mission focused community—in fact, most mission-focused communities like this will fail without ongoing equipping and discipleship.

Fifth, engage at least one person to become a Coach to you and/or your team. In practical terms, that could be a LeaderImpact sta member or work place leader who is a little bit farther down the road than you in one or more areas. Everyone who excels has multiple people who build into their lives.

So, what does this plan look like? Well, in the most basic terms, the strategy has four parts—Expose, Win, Build, Send. During the course of a year you will be involved in building relational connections with people in society, winning people
to Christ, building them in their faith and sending them out to win and build others. 

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