Inner City

Woman Responds to Outreach Invitation 2 Months Later

Elizabeth Bahe

Velma Mitchell ducked out of a Mother's Day luncheon at the community center where she works to grab a camera from her car. Slowly, Mary approached her.

"I'm looking for Velma," she said, worried.

"That's me!" Velma exclaimed in her Texas twang. "What can I do for you?"

"Well, the college kids gave me your card, and I'm just now making it up here."

Two months ago Mary had received Christ with a group of young adults on a spring-break outreach with Here's Life Inner City. The University of North Texas students, working and sleeping at the community center, saturated the housing projects of south Dallas one afternoon to talk with people like Mary about Jesus.

Velma remembered the students telling about Mary, so she invited her into the luncheon.

"I was so lonely and so down and I really needed to be with somebody," Mary said, hugging Velma. "When the kids came, they told me I could come anytime to see you."

Today Mary takes high-school equivalency classes at the center, run by a ministry with a partnership with HLIC.

This partnership made the community center's arm long enough to reach out to Mary.

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