Photo by Jody Davis.
Inner City

The challenge of getting INTO prison

Cru Inner City

The gate was shut.

To Ron and Donald, the closed gate seemed a discouraging symbol.

This was the local Atlanta prison they visited every Wednesday night, sharing the gospel with inmates.

However, for the last month, the turnover rate at the prison had been such that their usual crowd of 11 or 12 men shrunk to a trickle of 2 or 3.

And now they couldn't even get in.

But nothing – not even a bolted metal gate – could stop God's plans for the prison that night.

Ron Dooley, the director of Cru's inner-city prison team, and Donald, a local volunteer, paused and prayed that God's Word would overcome their obstacles.

Shortly after they prayed, the officer in charge opened the gate and invited them in. A way had been made. God had brought them to the prison for a reason.

That reason became clear when 2 inmates sat down to join them in their Bible study.

Tory and Brandon were both new to the institution, and so Ron and Donald decided to start their conversation with the gospel. While they quickly discovered that Tory was already a believer, Brandon had a very different story.

When Ron shared the gospel, it was the first time he had heard about God's love for him.

At the end of their time together, Ron, Donald, and Tory were able to pray with Brandon. He received Christ as his savior!

Before Ron and Donald left, they watched Tory reach out to Brandon and say, "If you need someone to talk to, I am here for you."

God had not only invited Brandon to know Him, but had provided him with someone in the prison who could encourage and disciple him.

Someone who could remind him that no obstacle is too big to be moved by God's perfect plan.

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