Testimony Worksheet


Consider the following:

1. After I received Christ.

What are specific changes and illustrations about the changes Christ has made in my life, actions, and attitudes?

How am I motivated differently?

2. Pick a theme or central idea that runs through the changes you have seen.

My theme is: _____________________________________

3. Before I received Christ.

What was my life like in the area of my theme? What were my attitudes, needs, problems?

How did those things I used to count on begin to disappoint me?

4. How I received Christ.

When was the first time I heard the gospel? How? (When was I exposed to true Christianity?)

What were my initial reactions?

When did my attitude begin to change? Why?

What were the final struggles that went through my mind just before I accepted Christ?

Using your answers to the questions above, write your story in the order it happened:

What was my life like before I received Jesus Christ?

How did I come to receive Christ?

What happened after I received Christ? How did my life change?

THEME _________________

Pertinent Bible verse(s):

Opening Statement:

Closing Statement:

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