Working with Other Christians on Campus


The key to campus ministry is cooperation and networking with other Christians on campus and the community. Your ministry will never realize its full potential until you have successfully worked with other Christians and have pulled together in the effort of winning souls for Christ. If there is already an active Christian group on your campus, try to join in with them. Do your best to be a part of the leadership of these clubs and organizations. Sadly enough, sometimes sold-out and committed Christian students do not get involved in these programs. If students committed to soul-winning are not involved in the leadership of these organizations, souls are seldom won to Christ. What results is a lack of an opportunity for students to come to know Jesus. It is imperative that highly committed Christians be at the core of leadership of any Christian organization on campus to ensure the group’s commitment to winning students to Christ.

It is, therefore, recommended that you as a missionary get very involved in what is happening on campus now. If there is no desire on the part of the current campus ministry group or its leadership to provide opportunities for students to come to know Christ, then we strongly suggest that you consider starting another campus ministry. Be sure you have investigated the leadership of the existing group thoroughly before you react and begin another ministry. Be sure that you have no misunderstandings or misinterpretations of their policies on campus ministry. Be sure that you ask a lot of questions and then evaluate whether or not to begin a new group on campus.

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Consider the following:

1. After I received Christ.

What are specific changes and illustrations about the changes Christ has made in my life, actions, and attitudes?

How am I motivated differently?

2. Pick a theme or central idea that runs through the changes you have seen.

My theme is: _____________________________________

3. Before I received Christ.

What was my life like in the area of my theme? What were my attitudes, needs, problems?

How did those things I used to count on begin to disappoint me?

4. How I received Christ.

When was the first time I heard the gospel? How? (When was I exposed to true Christianity?)

What were my initial reactions?

When did my attitude begin to change? Why?

What were the final struggles that went through my mind just before I accepted Christ?

Using your answers to the questions above, write your story in the order it happened:

What was my life like before I received Jesus Christ?

How did I come to receive Christ?

What happened after I received Christ? How did my life change?

THEME _________________

Pertinent Bible verse(s):

Opening Statement:

Closing Statement: