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Katie Berglee
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There are 40 non-sabbath days until Easter Sunday. The church sets apart Easter to more fully celebrate and remember Jesus's finished work on the cross – the work that conquered death.

Sin-filled people throughout time, people like me, celebrate this day because through Christ’s death and resurrection we have been offered hope. A future. Love from a perfect God. That makes Easter Sunday so beautiful!

But I often forget the backstory. I forget what the stakes were to redeem my soul from the pit of darkness I was born into. This year in the 40-days leading up to the celebration of Christ's resurrection, I want to be intentional to focus on my need for Him.

I'm asking the Holy Spirit to soften my heart toward Him again. I want to draw my eyes toward the storyline of eternity and my need for an Eternal Savior. Will you join me? I’m writing a new devotional for each one of those 40 days. Bookmark this page and come back daily.

Let’s rehearse together how great our need for Him is. I hope that when Easter comes around this year I will be able to more fully worship Jesus for His love and sacrifice.

I don't know what to expect in the next 40 days but I know He is faithful to meet those who wish to know and experience Him more fully. That’s me. How about you?

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