Students Launching a Ministry: Starter Kit

Student LINC

The Starter Kit, containing short articles and documents, is designed by Student LINC (Leaders In New Campuses) to help a student launch a ministry on their own campus.

The Starter Kit is just to help you get going. We will be available to coach you step-by-step through the process of launching the ministry as well as building it into a dynamic Spirit-led movement. You can phone us at 1-800-678-LINC (5462) or email us at

The short articles in this Kit follow a more-or-less sequential order.

The initial documents are to help you get to know us and us to get to know you.

Then come the ‘big picture’ articles that provide a snapshot of what a Campus Ministry looks like, how it gets started, and the path to launching one. This is the roadmap of where we are headed and how we are going to get there.

Next we’ve provided you with some basic tools to get started: essentially the “How-to's.” Last, there are several articles which explain some basic principles of spiritual growth. You will want to read these over yourself as well as share with the members of your group. Other critical discipleship content can be found in the Discipleship section on this website.

Due to download size limitations, the kit has been divided into four sections.

Starter Kit A
File 1. Starter Kit Overview
File 2. You Can Make the Difference
File 3. The Picture of a Leader
File 4. How it All Works
File 5. Defining Our Cause

Starter Kit B 
File 6. Volunteer Application
File 7. Volunteer Agreement
File 8. Our Statement of Faith
File 9. Getting Started
File 10. Transformational Community

Starter Kit C 
File 11. Reaching The Campus Through Cell Groups
File 12. Critical Path
File 13. How To Lead Conversational Prayer
File 14. How To Publicize Your Group
File 15. How To Do Campus Surveys

Starter Kit D 
File 16. How to Lead a Small Group Study
File 17. Walking in the Spirit
File 18. A Daily Time with the Lord
File 19. Satisfied?
File 20. Forming a Leadership Team

OK, now get downloading, reading, and launching movements!

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