Foundations: 4-Lesson Study for New Believers

Clearly communicate basic Christian truth.

Evangeline Vergo

How to use it:

Read through each of the 4 booklets with a new believer or group to gain a greater understanding of basic Christian truth. Bring a Bible and read the suggested verses together. Then listen as the new believers discuss their reaction to the verse.

Why to use it:

  • Can be used with a stranger, in a Bible study, with a friend or as a personal study
  • Leader's guide explains how to start a group, how to lead a discussion and how to answer some common questions
  • Takes about an hour
  • Full of thought-provoking questions
  • Easy to lead, even if you have never led a Bible study before
  • Encourages readers to apply the Bible to their lives and look to the Bible for truth
  • Encourages readers to begin spending time with God each day and gives suggested passages to study
  • Easy to understand
  • Defines religious words like "sin" or "fellowship"
  • Focuses on the essentials of Christianity

Where to get it:

Cru Online Store

What people think:

"I love Foundations because it doesn't take a theologian. For example, right now I am going through this material with a man who is already going through it with his girlfriend.  If you don't get these vital truths you will be hamstrung in your walk with God."

– Gary Fuller, from Denver

"This has been one of the greatest tools I have ever used. I've seen God use it to help many older Christians understand forgiveness of sin, gain confidence in their relationship with God and grasp where the power comes from to live the Christian life."

– Kay Scheffelin, from Austin, Texas

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