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My Story: Kristen Sass

How a Texas Tech junior finds the best priority is God. "It was hard realizing that Christ needed to be first in my life instead of myself."

How I Went From "Obsessive-Explosive" to Peace

Business owner Kim Conner thought her good life and service made her a Christian. But a conversation in a coffee shop changed her mind – and eventually her anxiety.

Changing Family

Alejandra’s new relationship with God is leading her family back to faith as well.

The Spiritual Starter Kit

“The Spiritual Starter Kit” is a free 7-part e-mail series covering the most essential and foundational concepts of what it means to walk with Christ.

At, a young believer can find helpful articles dealing with foundational truths and principles that will ground them in their relationship with God.

How to Change Your Life: Motivation, Courage and Love

Change requires risk, which means it also requires courage. It takes motivation to overcome obstacles along the way. Sometimes those obstacles are too much for us to face on our own, but true love can help us find the courage we need to change.

Living a Life of Prayer

Prayer is a focus of Carl’s life. He serves as the prayer chaplain at World Headquarters of Cru.

How to Pray: the Beginner's Guide

Whether you are just starting to pray regularly or you want to start over, this guide is designed for people like you.

Honest Answers to Tough Questions About Prayer

Why should I pray? ... If God is all wise and all powerful, isn't prayer presumptuous? ... How can I pray in faith and at the same time leave a matter open to God's will? These questions were sent to Cru staff members almost 30 years ago, but they continue to be relevant today.

How to Overcome Your Blind Spots as a New Christian

If you or someone you know recently became a Christian you’re absorbing lots of new ideas. What are some common misconceptions for people at this point in their spiritual journey?

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