The Significant Woman

Life-changing discipleship in a life-coaching environment.

Amber Kinneer

What is it?

  • Builds Community: 8 sessions that build community and equip each woman with biblically based principles.
  • Helps Discover Your Uniqueness/Walk With God: Lessons help you discover your uniqueness, how to grow in your intimate relationship with the Lord, how to integrate who God has created you to be and what His personal mission is for you.
  • Easy to Facilitate: Facilitator guide includes notes on the top of each page which enables a facilitator to easily guide her group.
  • A Cru Resource: Created by The Significance Project.

Buy it:

Gather a group of women in your sphere of influence and choose a weekly meeting time. Order participant books for your members and a facilitator guide for yourself.

Why use it:

The life-coaching group and peer/coach relationships contribute to an environment of community and authenticity while encouraging personal application and growth. Women also develop their personal mission statement and are challenged to live out their calling in the power of the Holy Spirit which can result in multiplication and movements.

What people think:

"Doing The Significant Woman study enabled me to connect the ways God made my passions, personality traits, and values into one vision for how I can practically surrender my life to Him. I felt encouraged as I learned how He intentionally made me and the other women in my group to build His kingdom."

Madi Frink – Cru staff member

"I recently led three groups of women through the life-coaching resource, The Significant Woman, and I have never seen this much life change in just 8 weeks’ time. As women walk through this study they come to a place of not simply accepting who they are, but they see that God designed their personality, gifts and abilities, and even their story, for His specific purposes. I look forward to seeing more and more of these groups form in our community and across the country."

Cathy O’Neal – Women’s Ministry Leader

"I have facilitated two semesters of your course in a large church in Pennsylvania. Your course has changed and redirected lives for Christ. Thank you...with 42 Alumni of the course to testify."

Carolyn Harris - Professional

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