Leading a Small Group

How to Have a Small Group with Purpose

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Leading a small group takes planning. 

Before you begin your group, ask yourself these questions: 

  • Why am I leading this group? 
  • Where do I want it to go? 
  • How do I plan to get there? 

Here are a few simple steps to gauge the needs of your small group and cater your content to them.  

Assess the Needs of Your Group

  • Pray for insight and wisdom. Ask God for sensitivity to the needs of your group.
  • Observe as much as you can about your group members. You can learn plenty from just watching their actions.
  • Ask your group about their needs, especially when you begin to lead a group. Your observations aren’t always as helpful and accurate as what you can learn directly from them. When you are with group members, ask a few informal questions. 
    • Why do you have an interest in being in a Bible study?
    • Have you ever been involved in a church before? What was it like? 
    • What is your spiritual background?

Determine the Destination of Your Group

Once you get a grip on the needs of your group members, it’s time to work on the purpose of your group. 

  • How, specifically, can God use you to help meet the needs of those in your group? 
  • What content will be most helpful?
  • Is your small group part of a bigger ministry? If so, how does it fit into the big picture?
  • What are the specific needs of your group?
  • What do you want to be true of your group members when the group ends?

Once you’ve determined your destination (the purpose of your group), you’re ready to choose your route: the content. You’ll also need to determine how long the group should meet to accomplish your purpose.

Choose the Content for Your Group

  • Have your group members been in a Bible study before? What did they study?
  • What principles, or topics, would benefit them most at this stage in their journey with Christ?
  • What are their crucial needs? 
  • How many weeks should this group meet?

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Adapted from Rick Hove, “The Ultimate Roadtrip: A Guide to Leading Small Groups” (Orlando: CruPress, 2010). Crupress.com.

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