How Can I Go Deeper?


We are blessed with an abundance of helpful resources that can deepen our understanding of God’s Word. Try out some of these!

One Story


Workbook designed to help you discover how all Scripture points us to Christ.

Four Sevens

An introduction to a daily quiet time through four weeks of devotions in the Gospel of Luke.

Free, comprehensive reference site with multiple translations, links to free commentaries, Bible dictionaries and other helpful tools.


A concordance is basically a list of all the words and phrases used in the Bible. It cites where the word is used and references and defines the corresponding Greek or Hebrew word. Strong’s Concordance is the most well-known and can be found for free in several places online.

Bible Dictionary or Encyclopedia


Great aids in learning about context. There are many; some are available for free online: free encyclopedias and free dictionaries.


Study Bibles

The NIV and ESV versions have excellent study Bibles with a host of notes accompanying each passage.

Your Friends

Study together, seek counsel on what you’re reading and engage in the Word together. One of our group Bible studies can help get you started.

Learn How to Study the Bible on Your Own

You can study the Bible for yourself with simple yet effective methods. Watch the short video to learn an easy approach you can use with any passage of scripture. Then read the articles to discover more tips.







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