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Reading in Russian

The man in the dream said, “I am Jesus. Read the book to find me.”

Michelle Oney

One of the greatest temptations facing Christians in Russia is discouragement. Russia is the world's largest country – it extends across 11 time zones and is inhabited by 160 diverse ethnic groups. Evangelism is a great challenge. However, Josh McDowell Ministry’s resources are making a difference in the lives of the Russian people thanks to the generous support of ministry partners who put the gospel into their hands in a language they can understand.

A student named Katya saw one book change three lives for eternity.

She explains: “At a university outreach, my friends, Natasha, Dmitri and I were given a copy of More Than a Carpenter in Russian. All three of us students attended meetings for two weeks because we wanted to know more about God. Natasha and I became believers in Jesus. But Dmitri didn't. He didn’t even read the book. Suddenly Dmitri left to live in another town.

“Then recently we were surprised when Dmitri returned to our small church quite unexpectedly. He told us that while he was away, he had a dream in which a man spoke to him. The man in the dream said, ‘I am Jesus. Read the book to find me.’

“Dmitri had this dream another night and heard the same voice. Dmitri asked, ‘What book?” Jesus told him, ‘Read the book More Than a Carpenter.’

“When Dmitri returned to our city, he looked very hard – desperate to find the book in his apartment. He read it and prayed to give his life to Jesus. He is now coming to church all the time!"

“We are so happy for our friend and thankful for this book More Than a Carpenter!”

Listen to Katya’s story, and help others like her.

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