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Josh McDowell Ministry

Pray For Josh McDowell

Tell others: Josh McDowell is speaking about forgiveness in Iraq.

Josh McDowell Ministry

Josh McDowell spoke in Iraq about forgiveness on February 28, March 1 and 2. Josh was invited by Christian leaders in one of the largest cities in Iraq to be part of the culminating celebration of Power to Forgive – a city-wide, month-long strategy in February that shared messages of hope and forgiveness with the Iraqi people. Because of the themes of forgiveness and abuse in Undaunted, the Iraqi team believes Josh has the perfect platform to reach truth seekers with messages about the power of forgiveness.

Three Ways to Join the Adventure in Iraq

Josh McDowell Ministry invites you to join us as we equip ministry partners and provide Iraqi families with resources so they can experience true forgiveness and freedom from shame. 

PRAY – You can participate in a prayer campaign over the next several days while Josh is speaking.

SHARE – You can share this information with your friends who can also support Iraqi families by liking this article, sharing on Twitter, Pinterest or Facebook.

GIVE – You can provide funding for follow up books, CDs and DVDs that the Iraqi team can distribute to those who attend events and are drawn to Christ. Josh McDowell Ministry’s goal is to provide resources in the heart language of the Iraqi people.

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