Reflecting the Gospel in the Arts

Whether you consider yourself an artist in the classic sense, we all have been invited to co-create with our Creator. If Jesus has called you to use your artistry to see His Kingdom established, the resources below will be extremely helpful as you fulfill your destiny.

  • Leigh Ann Dull, Cru Staff, directs a ministry called Transform. Right now you can find them in New York City & Kansas City.

  • You can also find The International Arts Movement (IAM) in New York City.

  • Do you have a heart for actors in Hollywood? The Hollywood Prayer Network is a great resource to learn who and how you can be praying for actors in Hollywood and even how you can reach out to them with the message of Hope.

  • CreativeMornings is a breakfast lecture series for the creative community. These events offer an opportunity to meet unbelievers that you could minister to, as well as other Christians in the creative community. See if there is chapter in your city.

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