Taking the Gospel to the Medical Field

Likely since you were very young, you pretended to help the sick and lame heal. Whether emotionally, mentally, relationally, or physically, you know God has called you to help others move towards wholeness. The opportunities and resources below are here to aid you in your quest to see God’s Kingdom come to those “suffering from all kinds of diseases and pains.” Mt 4:24

  • As a medical doctor, nurse, or other healthcare provider, would you like to know how easy it is to integrate your faith into your daily routine? METS is a ministry of Cru that equips you to do just that and they connect you with mentors who can help you live out your faith as a healthcare provider.

  • As a dentist or medical provider, consider joining the Christian Medical & Dental Association to walk out your faith with others in your field.

  • If Psychiatry is your specialty, consider joining the Society of Christian Psychiatrists.


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