Taking the Gospel to the Marketplace

Jesus said in the parable of the minas, “Engage in business until I return.” Lk 19:13 Maybe you know you are one of His servants that He has called to do just this. Jesus desires to build His Kingdom within all of commerce and the resources below are here to aid in your journey as you steward what the Master has given you.

  • Do you practice conceptual leadership or practical leadership? Do you know how to lead in the marketplace no matter your title, platform, or status? Transformational Leadership is the best, most comprehensive training available on how to lead from a biblical foundation. Resources include videos and training events.

  • Do you believe God has given the gift of entrepreneurship? Before starting your own business, get the training necessary in how to do so and most importantly, in a Biblical way. Biblical Entrepreneurship – taught through the Nehemiah Project – can not only provide you with the training, but also with potential investors.

  • Are you interested in joining a group of peers in business where you can be encouraged, study the bible, connect, and live out your faith? Check out the Christian Women Small Business and Christian Businessmen’s Associations.

  • Would you like to learn more about how business can be mission? Check out Work as Worship and Business as Mission.

Our story began in a garden and ends in a city.  Cities have been on God’s heart from the beginning. Has God put your city on your heart? From inner city, to outer city, to the forgotten, to the influentials, from the millennials, to the marketplace, if you are drawn to any form or fashion of city ministry, check out these opportunities below.

  • You can find hundreds of opportunities to serve in 35 (and counting!) cities with Cru's ministry in the city.

  • Cru’s close cousin, the Navigators, can be found in multiple cities where Cru may not exist. Check out Nav20s to see if they are in your city.

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