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Cru has been on campuses for over 60 years, helping students come to know Jesus, grow in their faith and then go to their families, their communities and all over the world to tell others about God’s love.

Things have changed a bit since we got started as Campus Crusade for Christ in 1951. This was way before cell phones, WiFi or laptops. Many campuses were barely integrated. Today, students are more likely to text their parents than write a letter, and classrooms reflect the diversity of cultures and ethnic identities in the world around us.

But some things have not changed. Parking on campus is still a pain, and students still hope to learn as much (or more) about life as they do academic subjects. Their biggest questions revolve around God, forgiveness, love and what it all means for them. That is why we want to be on all kinds of campuses, all over the world, sharing the good news of the gospel with students and faculty members.

If you look for Cru on campus, you’ll find a community of people who care deeply about one another and who are excited about helping others know Jesus. You’ll find opportunities to get involved in all kinds of ministry on campus and around the world. You’ll find people trying hard to reflect the love and grace they have experienced through Christ. You won’t find people who are perfect- just passionate.

Honestly, that’s what you’ll find wherever you find Cru – in the city, on the military base, in the workplace. We are a caring community of people who are passionate about Jesus. And passionate about helping the world know him, too.

If you are a parent, learn more here.

Cru is a network of ministries on campus


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