3 Ways to Shine a Light on Slavery

3 Ways to Shine a Light on Slavery

40 million people around the world are currently enslaved (Free the Slaves). Human trafficking is the fastest growing criminal industry in the world, tied with illegal arms as the world’s second-largest.

Jesus loves justice and hates wrong (Isaiah 61:8). As His followers, we are called to seek justice, protecting and pleading for the defenseless (Isaiah 1:17). Here are three ways you can join the fight to end human trafficking.

1. Join the END IT Movement on Friday, Feb. 23.

END IT is a coalition of organizations working to bring awareness, prevention, rescue and restoration to enslaved victims worldwide. You can join in creating awareness by drawing a red X on your hand and posting a photo of it, or a campaign photo, on social media. You can also pledge support, contact political leaders and donate to projects led by END IT’s partners.

2. Support the Aruna Project

The Aruna Project is a non-profit organization that cares deeply about bringing and sustaining freedom to the enslaved in South Asia. You can support the cause in two ways:

  • Find an Aruna Run near you and run for a specific woman by name. Run to develop awareness of her need, to raise funds to secure and sustain her freedom.
  • Purchase an Aruna bag to support the ongoing efforts to free those who are enslaved.
    “Awareness alone cannot end slavery, but without awareness, slavery will never end.” – END IT Movement

3. Go with Cru’s Justice Team on Summer Mission.

Are you a college student with a passion for justice and humanitarian work? Consider joining Cru’s Justice Team this summer in Cambodia.

Through this experience, you will learn how to share your faith in the context of justice. You will get a firsthand look into anti-human-trafficking work, gain a deeper understanding of biblical justice and learn how to share that with your peers back on your campus.

Apply Now

These are just three ways you can help end human trafficking. Read more about how this tragedy is spreading and what you can do to stop it:

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