4 Questions for Anyone Struggling to Pray

Since prayer is our main form of communication with God, prayer itself is the relationship. Here are 4 ways we can look at our relationships with people to learn about our relationship with God.

Does God Always Answer Prayer?

What to do when God isn’t moving the way you hope or expect.

Seven Reasons to Pray

As Tim Downs asks, “Is it hard to pray to an unseen, infinite, omniscient being? You bet!” Prayer can be hard and even confusing. Here are seven reasons why we should pray.

How to Pray Through Spiritual Warfare

All Christians face struggles and challenges because of what is often referred to as spiritual warfare. The way you pray changes the way you experience these moments.

We Should Have Listened to the Ranger's Warning

A new believer’s faith is strengthened when prayer helps his group avoid an encounter with a bear.

What’s the Difference Between a Wish and Prayer?

When does a desire for a specific outcome turn into a prayer? What keeps it from remaining a wish left to chance? The Bible has some things to say about this.

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