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FLESH SERIES: What's Up With Masturbation?

What does God have to say on the topic of masturbation?

FLESH SERIES: Temptation

Let’s talk about temptation. And I mean temptation with a capital “T,” not a small “t.” I’m talking about the ever-present temptation of sex, sexy women and sexy images.

FLESH SERIES: Plan of Action

Having purposed in your heart to pursue sexual purity, you will need to employ some very basic, but crucial tactics to guard your heart from lust.


We found this major common denominator for those who have seen victory: a clear, memorable decision or resolution to fight - to make no compromise nor to allow even a hint of sexual immorality.

FLESH SERIES: Blood Brothers

If you are going to see victory in your struggle with lust and pornography, you will need the power of a team, of community and of accountability.

So What Is Triggering Your Sexual Desire?

If you want to get your unmanageable sexual desires under control you need to understand what could be causing them.

Why Wait?

We’re saturated with images and ideas of sex, and little of it has anything to do with real sex—sex as God intended it.

The 'M' Word

This is an insightful article on a difficult subject. It’s also an awkward subject, so we’ll simply say that the ‘M’ doesn’t stand for Marriage, Mascara or Madden Football.

My Own Worst Enemy

If men are as depraved and sexually self-serving as many claim to be, then what are we? Their pure, innocent, nonsexual prey? I don’t think so.

I Gave My Word to Stop at Third

If faith is really about an intimate connection with God, then the idea is not to see how close to the line you can get but rather to see how close to God you can get.

God-Glorifying Desires

God wants to renew our minds and fill our hearts with desires and passions that will glorify Him, serve others and bring great joy and purpose to our lives.

Sexual Purity

God can give us what we need to be satisfied in Him and live sexually pure lives.

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