Beginning With God

Surfing the internet, you’ll find thousands upon thousands of Christian websites but you’ll notice something strange: there is really no place you can send a new or young believer to ground them in the basics of the Christian faith and help them grow in their relationship with Christ.

At, a young believer can find helpful articles dealing with foundational truths and principles that will ground them in their relationship with God. They can sign up for email studies of the Scripture, learn how to share their faith, and ask any and all questions that arise as they pursue their walk with God.

As a stand-alone strategy or simply to augment personal discipleship, is an essential tool for anyone seeking to make disciples.

Comments from people who came to

“Thank you, so much for sending me all these emails teaching me new things of my new found relationship with God. It has taught me a lot. I just really love that I can trust God.” ~Chrissy
“Thanks a lot for your messages. They are really tailor-made for a beginner in the Christian walk, and they inspire me every time.” ~Ditirio
“I have found great comfort in the spiritual starter kits. Until you came along, I was going to do something that I would have regretted for the rest of my life. Once again, I want to thank you. Not only has it opened my eyes, but my heart as well. It is amazing the way I see things now, as oppose to the way I did a few weeks ago. If you knew me personally you would be amazed at the changes in me.” ~Jose

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