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I Knew, but I Didn't Understand

Theresa had grown up knowing about God, but had never chosen to know Him for herself. 50 years later, she made a decision.

I Couldn't Forgive Myself

Teresa Keith of Edinburgh, Scotland, talks of how she came to have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. Read how she found God’s love and forgiveness to be what she needed to fully forgive herself.

A Commitment That Changed My Life

Susi Grzywa’s story of how Christ changed her life.

Searching for Real Answers Online

Sandeep Sharma searched for love. What he found was a relationship with God. Now, he serves as an online responder for others who also are seeking answers to their questions about God.

Roel Ceballos

Man's quest for acceptance takes him on a journey of discovery, leading him to the unconditional security and assurance found only in Jesus Christ.

Radvile Aleknaite

A search for purpose leads this 22-year old economics student to find meaning in Christ.

I Didn't Want to Know God

After living a tough past, Nikki Breidegam longs for more. While on the beach in Panama City, Fla., she makes a decision that will change her forever.

Can I Be Native American and Christian?

When Nick came to Montana State University, he missed his family and his traditions. He felt love and acceptance from people in the Nations Bible study group. Through their encouragement he placed his faith in Jesus Christ.

Out of Family Chaos

Video: A college student describes his family’s break-up and repair.

Being Loved by God is Better Than Being Loved by People

Mimi Bailey's story of how Christ changed her life.

Michael Jebaraj

Michael is the director of affairs for India, Bangladesh, Nepal, Sri Lanka and Maldives. He leads 600 full-time trained staff and over 2,500 JESUS Film and administrative staff members. Michael became a staff member in 1979 and married Judith in 1988. They have three children: Jonathan Michael, Jeremy Michael and Grace Michael.

Getting Off the Bus and Finding a Home

Lupe Torres found more than free food when she got off the bus at The Salvation Army.

Was Gaining God Worth Losing My Family?

A student in Australia risks rejection from her parents for her new faith in Christ.

Leah O'Brien-Amico

Olympic softball player Leah O'Brien-Amico recounts becoming a Christian through Athletes in Action.

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