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Jesus Manifesto

With this fresh glimpse of Jesus, Sweet and Viola challenge their fellow believers to reject the “bestseller Christianity” that wraps up self-centeredness in spirituality, and to start living as “walking, breathing Jesus Manifestos.”

Understanding the Trinity

While we cannot fully understand everything about the Trinity (or anything else), it is possible to answer questions and come to a solid grasp of what it means for God to be three in one.

Day 32 - 35 Day Challenge

Day 32 of our 35-Day Challenge.

The Return of Christ

At different stages in the history of the Christian church there has been great focus on the teaching of the Second Coming of Jesus. Jesus clearly states that no one will know the exact time and date of His return.

Advent Devotional

Advent Devotional for December 1 - Away in a Manger.

God to The Rescue: Christmas Is Just the Beginning

What is Christmas really about, and why do Christians care so much? How does it fit into the story of the Bible?

No One Understands Jesus: A Study in the Gospel of John

This new 12-week study delves into how and why no one understood Jesus during his earthly life, and the countless ways we struggle to fully understand him today.

Did Jesus Come to Reach the Gentiles?

Has God always been concerned about extending His love and forgiveness to all nations and peoples of the earth? Both the Old and New Testaments show God’s offer of grace is to everyone — Jew and Gentile alike.

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