Beginning With God

Jesus Manifesto

Leonard Sweet

Christians have made the gospel about so many things other than Jesus that the church today is in dire need of reconversion, say authors Leonard Sweet and Frank Viola. The book expands upon the manifesto that Sweet and Viola posted online in 2009, which was viewed half a million times in just eight weeks.

Christianity is, simply, Christ. Nothing more, nothing less. It is not an ideology, a philosophy, a social ethic, a cause, a core value or a worldview. Christianity is “the ‘good news’ that beauty, truth and goodness are found in a Person—a real and living Person who can be known, loved, and experienced—and that true humanity and community are founded on connection to that Person,” write Sweet and Viola.

Christians have lost sight of the supremacy and sufficiency of Christ, replacing the gospel with the language of justice, values, self-help and leadership.

With this fresh glimpse of Jesus, Sweet and Viola challenge their fellow believers to reject the “bestseller Christianity” that wraps up self-centeredness in spirituality, and to start living as “walking, breathing Jesus Manifestos.”

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