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Not Alone: The Power of Partnering

Meghan Posey and Aaron Robertson July 1, 2017

Erica Robertson can look back and tell you how long and hard she worked to become an OB/GYN. That’s why feeling the call to leave her practice to join ministry full-time was not an easy decision.

What she didn’t know was that it would only be for a time.

When Erica started working with the inner city ministry of Cru in Minneapolis, a unique opportunity to partner arose. Today, you can find her caring for expectant mothers at the Tandem Family Resource Center, a crisis pregnancy center that provides holistic, faith-based care to women.

The Center offers comprehensive care to women during their entire pregnancy. This support includes a pre-screening exam, a social worker, clothing and food. They also provide educational classes that use some of the curricula that Cru produces.

“It’s really hard to know that a lot of the moms feel so lonely,” Erica said.

As if being pregnant isn’t already stressful, many of the women come from abusive situations or find themselves all alone because their partner has left them. They have job or housing issues or multiple kids waiting for them at home, so they are just scraping by, trying to make ends meet.

Erica wants each woman who walks through the door to know that she is cared for and loved during her pregnancy. As she listens to each story, she gently reminds them they are not alone.

She says partnerships offer an opportunity to see what the Lord is doing beyond our own organizational walls. They help us burst out of our isolated bubbles. In simple terms, the world gets bigger by partnering with others.

Half laughing, Erica recites the phrase that the inner city ministry of Cru claims as their motto:

“Our main job is to connect hoses.” It is all about connecting people; it is helping one ministry connect with another ministry or one pastor connect with another pastor.

Erica says when you partner with people from different backgrounds and stories, it’s amazing to see how God breaks down walls. The Lord is able to reach people easily even when they are from different backgrounds or beliefs. When Erica is helping one of the women at the Center, she can’t help but think, “You are a mom, just like me. You want the best for your children.” 

Cru has connected the Tandem Family Resource Center and other crisis pregnancy centers to churches that  provide community and long-term spiritual resources for moms. Cru also provides resources ranging from school supplies and Thanksgiving meals to training resources for helping people find meaningful employment. Other staff serve as “lay counselors” for young moms to give the kind of care and support needed for parents.

To find out more about Cru’s work in the inner city in Minneapolis, check out their webpage.  

This year at Cru17, Cru is pleased to host Connection Weekend for our partners who have a heart to see the world radically impacted by partnership in the gospel.  

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This article was written in collaboration with Aaron and Erica Robertson who serve with Cru in the inner city in Minneapolis, MN. They have three adorable kids, with one more on the way. On the weekends you might find them relaxing at their cabin in northern Wisconsin.

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