Cru Whiteboard Videos
Our Cru Whiteboard Videos offer excellent training in a number of important skills for every Cru leader.
The Big Picture of Cru
This is a quick overview of what Cru looks like on a high school campus and how you can get started!
See and Engage the Campus
What Do You See When You Look at a High School Campus? Learn to See a Campus the Way God Does and Take Your First
How You Can Get To Know Your Campus
If you are going to impact your campus, you will want to learn all you can about it. Here are some first steps to get
Becoming an Insider
Becoming a Known and Trusted Person on Campus Is an Important Step in Making a Difference.
How to Set up a Personal Appointment
How do you set up a personal appointment with a student?
How to Have a Personal Appointment with a Student
Tips to help you get the most out of a meeting with a student.
Bridges to Gospel Conversations
Moving from a regular conversation to a conversation about Jesus can be tricky. These tips should make it an easier transition.
Using your testimony to bridge the gospel
Your story can point others to the greatest story ever told.
How Judy Shares Her Faith
When a student has expressed interest in learning more about spiritual things, it might be time to get together and talk about the gospel. Here's
Grounding a New Believer
Some students just received Christ at your outreach! So, what's next?
Starting a Small Group
Practical Advice to Help You Start a Great Small Group With Students.
Tips for Leading a Better Small Group
This article gives the small group leader advice and encouragement for making their small group a place where students connect, grow, and impact others.
Involving Students in Evangelism
As you step out onto the high school campus, we can only begin to imagine what great spiritual conversations will take place.
Cru’s Coaching Center is Here to Help!
Cru's Coaching Center is here to help you start a Cru movement on your local high school or middle school campus.
Triangle Diagram Tool
Explaining Cru with a Triangle.
School Within a School
A proven way to help students understand and get involved with your ministry.