Cru US Staff gathering 2021

This conference was a last-minute, virtually scheduled event to engage with staff in a time of felt need during the wind-down of a global pandemic, cultural tensions, disunity, etc. The inspiration for the design was out of what God was teaching me personally through Genesis 1, Ephesians 4, and the unity that is available through the of the Holy Spirit in complex times. The collage is a representation of complexity bringing forth beauty. Initially, the design was complex and chaotic as an assessment of current reality, but bringing forth hope in the work of the Holy Spirit and with being open-handed and humble with how the Lord will work.

As the values of the conference were solidified, the request emerged to make the design less chaotic, but to instead present a simple and authentic atmosphere, where hope and clarity are seen. The design was simplified, sticking to its original essence, but reflecting more simply the hope and peace available through the Lord’s healing.