Cru Winter Conference 2021

Originally, this was intended to be the promotional and onsite materials for seven different national Winter Conferences, all with the same brand identity. Due to the pandemic, it altered course along the way to promotion and virtual onsite materials for a fully virtual conference. Initially, the concept was to create something that matched the energy and excitement that’s present at Winter Conferences via color, to communicate the tone of the conference through previous conference photos, and create excitement via the layering of photo, shape, color, and text.

A challenge was to adapt the design part way through the planning to still communicate the energy and complexity present at the conference but to be intentional with not over-communicating large group experience since this year was a virtual experience.

Over 8000 students ended up attending the conference virtually, many of whom were built up in their faith, challenged spiritually, and sent out to share about their relationship with the Lord to people in their circles of influence.