My Story: How My Life Changed

Zach: Before the Injury

“The rest of my life – however short, however long – I know that I can rejoice daily…”

Zach McLeod with Rich Atkinson
My Story: Zack McLeod

Less than a month before his 17th birthday, Zach McLeod suffered a traumatic brain injury during a football scrimmage and is now handicapped both physically and mentally. A month earlier, Zach was baptized at his church and shared this story:

I was raised in a Christian household coming from Montana to Boston, so I have been blessed by having the beauty of Christ spoken in my ear ever since I was really little by my parents, by my siblings. Also, my parents are staff members with Cru. My whole life, I have literally been growing up with a bunch of great college students that are on fire for Christ and love Him so passionately.

I have so many blessings I should be praising God for, but a common thing in my life has been overlooking those blessings. There is so much sin and so much faultiness in my character that goes on in here, from pride to lust to selfishness to anger to jealousy. All these massive flaws I have in my character bogged me down deeply.

Often, I will drift from Christ because I can’t feel His tangible presence. My faith is so weak and weary. But it’s awesome because it helps me realize I am such a broken person. I’m so lost. Yes, I am so broken, but the awesome part is God loves broken people. He loves them so deeply. He rejoices when He can just flow through them.

Some of the most beautiful words I have heard in my life are in 2 Corinthians [12:9]. For God said, “My grace is sufficient for you. For my power is made perfect in weakness.” Through all my brokenness, through all my pride, through my anger, my selfishness, my lust ... God’s love is never ending. It is all encompassing and it is an amazing gospel.

God flowing through my broken life has been such a process. God’s so awesome because He’s there. God allowed this idea to really hit home with me on a missions trip; I was able to serve. The rest of my life – however short, however long – I know that I can rejoice daily because Christ’s love and His power.

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Zach loves Jesus. He is often seen kneeling as he talks to God. Zach enjoys singing and playing guitar. Although his speech is limited because of his injury, he is joyful. Often, Zach greets others with a smile, a high-five and a fist-bump. Follow Zach’s current story.

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