My Story: How My Life Changed

Why Did You Take My Sister, God?

Naomi La Croix


Hey, my name is Naomi La Croix, and this is my testimony!

It's funny how growing up in church never gave me a reason to call on God. However, the first time I did was in 2009. I had just passed for St Francois Girls’ College, but I was faced with a dilemma.  I had recently started attending Arouca Revival Tabernacle and they wanted me to perform a song, but it was scheduled for the same time my dad wanted to take us for school books. I wanted to do both and because I didn’t have the power to make it happen, I called on God to make a way for me. That day I was able to perform, and with my dad running late, still able to get my school books in time. It was there I realized there was someone bigger than me who can do so much more. Thus, I took the next best possible step, and I committed my life to God and got baptized.

However, after I got baptized in 2010, my sister died in 2011. I never quite understood what happened when she did. I just knew she was gone. Why didn’t God make a way with her like He did with me the day with the schoolbooks? Why didn’t He tell me that committing my life to Him didn’t mean I wouldn’t lose my sister. Her passing really affected me. It left me feeling so alone and it caused me to hate God. No one knew, but my feelings of loneliness led to masturbation, sex talking and suicidal thoughts.

However, even within my period of darkness, God still chose me.  He chose me when I tried to find comfort in the world. He chose me when I had no touch of love for Him. He saw something special about me, so He kept choosing me. Then one day I was at my lowest and I finally decided to have a conversation with God about everything and all I could remember was Him whispering that I needed to come back to Him. He said that what I was doing wasn’t who He created me to be, and it brought me to tears because His correction was filled with the most peace I had experienced since my sister died. After this experience I rededicated my life and God was there. For my first bus ride without my sister, God was there. For my first testimony, He was there.

The truth is that all of what people see me doing in the kingdom, it is only because God chose me and when He chooses, He uses.  All you have to do is just show up, just like I did.

The more I showed up in transparency, God made ways for me to grow in Him. One way was through Campus Crusade for Christ (Cru). It was a fundamental part of my spiritual growth to become rooted in Christ. I was able to understand that everything works together for good to those who love the Lord and are called according to His purpose. I am always grateful to God for what I received through Cru and their support.

If you are reading this and for some reason you hate God, for some reason you feel alone, know that He is constantly loving you. He will turn the situation around. Therefore, choose God as He chooses you.

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