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What Training Will I Receive?

Cru staff members are among the best-trained Christian workers in the world. Upon acceptance, you will be invited to a New Staff Orientation (NSO) conference, held four times a year. The focus of this 8-day conference is two-fold: introducing new missionary staff members to the mission and vision of Cru and training them in raising their financial support.

You will have the opportunity to hear from top leaders of Cru and grow in your commitment to the Lord and how Cru fits into His vision for the world. You will also undergo intensive training in support raising, known in Cru as Ministry Partner Development (MPD).

Cru is committed to the theological development of our staff members. Therefore, all new missionary staff members are required to take the first three courses in our eleven-course curriculum called the Institute of Biblical Studies (IBS). Two of those courses are taught twice a year in conjunction with the NSO conference. The third course is taken online during your initial MPD time.

When your initial MPD is completed, you will report to your ministry assignment. At that time, you will enter a period of training in the biblical principles, philosophy of ministry and specific skills you will need to be successful in the ministry to which God has called you.

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