HUNGARY — Speakout

This mission is open to both high school and college students. It begins in LA on June 25th with a kick-off conference and mission briefing. Your team will fly to Hungary from LAX on June 30th.

A landlocked country in Central Europe, Hungary has a population of nearly 10 million people and is one of the oldest countries in Europe founded in 895. Hungary may be landlocked but it is home to one of the largest lakes in all of Europe, Lake Balaton. This is where you will head for your time in Hungary. You will serve in the English camp in Keszthely located on the western shore of the lake.  A little fun fact about Hungary is that it’s where the Rubix Cube originated.

Join this four-week adventure and step out in faith, grow in your understanding of the word and make an eternal impact in Hungary. This bi-cultural project centers around conversational English camps. Your in-country team will consist of American and Hungarian Christian students. You will all live on a university campus near Lake Balaton in Keszthely, Hungary, for this multi-faceted project. You’ll experience training in evangelism, follow-up, and discipleship. As a conversational English tutor and messenger of the gospel, your words, and life will communicate volumes to the 5-10 students you will have in your tutoring group each week.  Come, BE A VOICE, as you build relationships with Hungarian students and share the life-changing message of the Gospel.

Check out the SpeakOut web site for more information:

Conference Dates: June 25th – June 30th
Mission Dates: June 30th – July 27th
Total Cost: $4,600

  • Dates and costs are subject to change.
  • This cost DOES include the price of the Getaway conference and international airfare but DOES NOT include the domestic airfare to and from the departure location.