Humility and Prayer

Fireseeds Of Spiritual Awakening

According to Wikipedia, there was a nun in the twelfth century named Saint Humility.

She took the name Humility upon entering the monastery and was later canonized. It seems to me that there would be a lot of pressure in taking on the name Humility, like a guy changing his last name to Stud. But apparently she locked herself in a cell and didn’t speak to anyone for twelve years—only prayed—so I think she may have pulled it off. If I could do that, I’d tell everyone and probably write a book on it: Perfect Humility and How I Attained It. Which I guess answers the question why I have never changed my last name from Hayes to Humility.

Humility is a word we attach to many attributes, such as introspection, meekness, low self-esteem, graciousness, self-effacement—many or most of which are far from the word’s definition. But define it we must, for a study of history and the Word of God makes it clear that without it revival cannot occur. Thus humility is the second prerequisite for spiritual awakening.

This article will discuss the importance and role of humility in prayer.

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