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Out of Family Chaos

Video: A college student describes his family’s break-up and repair.

Leah O'Brien-Amico

Olympic softball player Leah O'Brien-Amico recounts becoming a Christian through Athletes in Action.

My Story: Ryan Lam

Ryan accepted Christ after an eye surgery helped him see his need for a Savior.

God Brought Me Through My Brain Injury

Paul Bayer finds Christ and gets another chance at life after a brain injury.

My Story: Leslie Davis

I have gone to church all my life. But, my view of God was different, says Leslie Davis whose life was changed through the influence of her friends and a thought provoking presentation of the Truth of Jesus Christ.

“I forgot about God”

“I didn’t talk with God or pray anymore. I totally forgot about Him. It was then that my life started going downhill.”

Why is Spending a Day in Prayer Important?

Why do we set time aside for a day of prayer? In this 3 minute video, Steve Douglass reminds us why a day in prayer is so important.

Why is Prayer So Hard?

We have this powerful, superior weapon, and yet we don’t always use it.

Why Host a Prayer Meeting?

Ever wonder why you should gather to pray with others? See what the Bible has to say.

20 Things to Pray For: Tips for a Better Prayer Life in 2020

Need help figuring out how to grow your prayer life this year? Or just want to learn what to pray for in general? Here’s a list of 20 suggestions.

What Happens When You Pray?

How we understand prayer shapes our expectations of God and colors our relationship with Him.

The "Satisfied?" Prayer Experience

This prayer experience is intended to be adaptable to your prayer group. It can be as short as 40 minutes or extended to two hours, depending on how you use the optional sections.

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