Get your stuff!

Make sure that you have your materials before you start  SomeTime . This requires that you or a leader  order and print materials  ahead of time.



Small group supplements

Before you begin  SomeTime , there may be some things that you can do to help prepare participants ahead of time. These ideas are optional and are meant as 10 (or so) minute supplements to your regularly planned Bible study. For a look at these options, check out Preparing Participants for SomeTime on the  SomeTime   main page .


There is no requirement for training, but you may want to consider familiarizing your group with some of the tools they might be using and help your group reflect on and communicate their own personal faith journeys. View training options  here .



Bible Study—Week 0 . You will not introduce  SomeTime  during this Bible study. The purpose of this study is to simply help your group begin praying for their friends and cultivate compassion for those who don’t yet know Christ. (Bible study content provided.)

Bible Study—Week 1 . ***IMPORTANT NOTE*** This Bible study requires preparation!!! You cannot simply print off this study and show up. This week you will introduce the CoJourner’s paradigm (specifically the “Explorer” role) and introduce  SomeTime . This week includes some Bible study content, but much of the time will be spent on  SomeTime . (Bible study content provided.)

Bible Study—Week 2 . Review how  SomeTime  is going with your group and discuss 1 Corinthians 2:1-5. (Bible study content provided.)

Bible Study Weeks 3-5 . NO BIBLE STUDY CONTENT IS PROVIDED DURING THESE WEEEKS! You will be resuming your previous Bible study series or beginning a new one, but it’s  really  important that you use 10 or so minutes out of your group’s time to ask how things are going with  SomeTime .

* During Week 5 you will use part of your Bible study to fill out the survey to give feedback !


AFTER  SomeTime

Please fill out the  survey  to let us know how it went.


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