Prepare for Christmas with this 14-day interactive Advent devotional


You have just spent 14 days considering people whose lives were intimately connected with Jesus when He became fully human, and dwelt among us. Ordinary women and men, who had doubts and fears, and saw God touch their lives and those around them in amazing ways.

Their stories are inspiring. They are meant to remind us that God is always at work, bringing Himself and the power of His life to change us. It’s not so much about our commitments, but about our yieldedness. Our surrender to Him. A heart that says, I’ll go where you want me to go, do what you want me to do, say what you want me to say, and give what you want me to give.

To live that way daily, it’s quickly apparent that we don’t have the power in ourselves. Thankfully, that power comes from God, the power of His Holy Spirit dwelling in us, the very power that created the world, and the power at work in the resurrection. A new power for living each day.

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