Advent Devotionals

Advent Devotional

Day 3

Erik Segalini
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The Christmas Song

I heard a pastor confess that he dreaded Christmas time because he was out of creative ways to tell “the same old” Christmas story in a new way.

From a storyteller’s perspective, no one could improve Christmas. A virgin giving birth, shepherds seeing angels, God sleeping in a feeding trough, a king stalking an infant, magi chasing a star. Best of all, this is no myth. This is reality, with powerful theological ramifications. So it bears repeating.

The writer of “The Christmas Song” included the line: “Although it’s been said, many times, many ways, Merry Christmas to you.”

Read Matthew 1:18–2:12 and then flip over to Luke 2:1-20. Read the Christmas story for yourself.

  • What do you see for the first time?
  • What strikes you about the narratives?
  • How are the two accounts different?
  • What does it reveal about God?

As you read God’s Word, may you experience Christmas in a fresh and powerful way.

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