Preparation 1: Filling Out a Campus Profile

Tom Virtue

Before planting a restaurant in a new location, a company like McDonalds spends months gathering critical data and surveying local demographics. Nothing of that magnitude is necessary for planting a campus ministry but due diligence is required. At the bare minimum planning and preparation requires a basic survey of the campus. This survey will inform what strategies you employ as you seek to establish a ministry on campus.

Of course, if you are a student on that campus seeking to start a ministry, most of this information will be intuitive.


Name of College:

Four year school or two year school: ________________

Quarters or semesters: _________________

Number of students on campus: ____________________

Number of men: ____________ women: _______________

Number of Freshmen: _________ Sophomores: _______ Juniors: _________ Seniors: ________ Grad: ___________

Number of years a student stays at the school before graduating or transferring: __________

Percentage of students that actually graduate: _______

What states and countries are represented in the student body (if you can get the numbers from each state or country, that would be helpful):

Educational emphasis of the College (Majors):

Average yearly tuition cost: __________ Number of dorms: __________
How many live on campus: ____________ Main athletic sports:

Greek system - number of Fraternities: ___________ Sororities: ___________

Would you consider the students on campus as coming from wealthy families, middle income families, or families who cannot afford to pay their children’s college? (or a mixture of these).

What are the biggest campus “hang-outs” (either on or off campus)?

What seem to be the most successful/popular means of publicity and promotion on campus? (How do students find out about clubs or events on campus?)

How would you describe the average student on campus (what adjectives would you use)?

Connected to the above question, how would you describe the atmosphere on campus? (academic, electric, apathetic, activity filled, suitcase campus, party campus etc...)

(In compiling information about your campus, it’s extremely helpful to get a copy of a campus map.)


What are the big issues on campus?

What is the general attitude on campus toward spiritual issues?

What other Christian groups/organizations are there on campus?

On a moral and political spectrum would you say the campus is more conservative, liberal, or radical in nature?

Other observations and relevant facts:

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