Sending Your Team

Trusting God for Every Campus, Every Nation

Keith Bubalo

For over 25 years, “WSN” has represented the vision, faith, and pioneering spirit of thousands of students, faculty, and staff in the USCM to bring the reality of Jesus to the nations outside of our borders

For the past couple of years, the WSN National Team had been asking ourselves how we can best describe our international sending efforts so that we can mobilize the maximum number possible from the US., including those not involved in our local movements. We put those conversations on hold to see what would happen with the Cru rebranding process.

Our team is now very excited about leveraging the current and future brand equity of Cru, and adjusting the way we describe our international sending efforts. 

When we need to refer to the specific strategy and leaders in Cru that are organizationally responsible for this effort, we will now use  “Global Missions”  in place of “WSN.”

Global Missions is the strategy vehicle for all of the Campus Ministries in Cru as we go to the world. 

Please pray with us in the days ahead for the Lord to multiply our efforts and send thousands more to fulfill our “Every Campus, Every Nation” vision.

Cru goes to the world. We always have, and always will. Thank you for all you do to make this happen.

Questions? Contact the Global Missions National Director in your region or National Ministry.

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