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Living On Mission  (LOM) seeks to teach students to live missionally for a lifetime. Modeled after the Compass “Faith” template of Walk, Communicate and Multiply, this training curriculum (developed by staff at UC-Berkeley) is designed for a large group/seminar format and covers twenty sessions over four semesters.*

Audience:  The intended audience is any student who desires to grow in their walk with God. However, with a lack of focus on some fundamental topics (prayer, assurance of salvation, forgiveness), it seems appropriate to limit attendance to those who have been through basic follow-up, i.e.  Life Concepts .

Approach:  LOM uses an intellectual, seminar (classroom-based) approach to topics like hermeneutics, apologetics, stewardship, leadership, etc. It provides the biblical basis for every topic presented, providing not just the “how” of training, but also the “why” of training. 

Focus:  One of the many strengths of this curriculum is its focus on providing skills to equip students to be lifelong laborers, with content like “Spiritual Multiplication After College” and “Personal Development Plan.”


  • Provides in-depth training in the core DNA of the USCM  (e.g. goes beyond an overview of the  Knowing God Personally  booklet to include the “Big Six” questions, giving extensive practical training.)
  • Uses USCM resources ( Backstory ,  Satisfied ) and teaching from well-known staff (Roger Hershey, Randy Newman.)
  • Makes use of non-Cru resources to reinforce our core DNA (e.g. “Listening Cycle” and “Awareness Wheel.”)
  • Gives detailed lesson plans for seminar instructor with opportunity for personalization.

*Only the first two semesters are currently available. Download the zip file below.

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