1-to-1 Mentoring Bible Study

Develop your faith by mentoring people around you in theirs.

Katie Croft

What is it?

  • A guide to help you process truth from God's Word through a relationship with another person
  • 4 spiral-bound books
  • 5 lessons in each book
  • Memory verses with each lesson

How to use it:

Commit to meet once a week for approximately a year with a friend or co-worker to go through Mentoring 101. Bring your notebook and a Bible to your weekly meetings. Consider beginning your time with prayer and a review of the weekly memory verse. As you study the Word together, you will help establish each other in your faith. Learn more about mentoring.

Why use it:

  • Equips the learner to live a life of faith, grow in intimacy with Christ, develop a heart for reaching people with the Gospel and learn to mentor someone else
  • Easy to use, transferable and has a separate teacher's guide
  • Each lesson highlights a real-life adult example
  • Addresses many of the issues that Christians face in their spiritual walks
  • Lessons fit easily into a school – or church – calendar year
  • Includes classic Cru lessons such as: assurance of salvation, the Spirit-filled life, loving by faith, and stewardship

What people think:

"I am using Mentoring 101 with both of my adult daughters to process life together and to continue to understand how to choose 'to live as though the Bible is true regardless of our emotions, circumstances and the cultural trend.' This material has provided a great track to run on, with an intentional plan on passing on these life-changing truths to others."

– Jan Stockdale, Rogers, Arkansas
"Mentoring 101 is the best way I have found to pour myself into someone else and stay focused on God's Word. It is centered on what Jesus taught and passed on to his disciples. I have had great response from all the people I have worked with. They are excited about passing it on to others. My pastor has a vision [to use Mentoring 101 ] to train people to come alongside a new believer and walk with them for a year, discipling them in God's word."

– Tommye Bledsoe, Euless, Texas


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