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As Dustin began to grow in his relationship with God and thought about talking to his friends about his faith, he was excited. After all, Jesus was changing his life. But he also felt nervous about it. How would he bring up the subject? What would he say? How would he handle it if he didn’t know the answer to someone’s question? As you think about talking to others about your faith in Jesus, how can you relate to Dustin’s experience?


1.  Read 1 Corinthians 2:1-5. What did the writer choose not to rely on when he was talking to people about Jesus?

2.  Why is it good to know we don’t need to be good with words or be super-wise to talk to people about Jesus?

3.  What did the writer focus on when he talked to people about Jesus?

4.  How did the writer feel as he was talking to people about Jesus?

5.  Why is it good to know that weakness and fear don’t mean you can’t talk to people about Jesus?

6.  Based on verse 4, what role does God’s Spirit play in us talking to people about Jesus based on verse 4?

7.  According to verse 5, what happens when we take the initiative to talk to people about Christ in the power of the Holy Spirit and leave the results to God?


8.  Take a minute to pray for God to open your heart to the people around you that need to know more of his love. Who does he bring to mind?

9.  As a group brainstorm questions you could ask this person to bring up the topic of God.

10. What are some ways you could explain the good news of Jesus Christ to this person?

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