What Do I Need to Know?

What’s the Big Idea?

God has called us to live lives built on an eternal perspective. When we apply this to our income and possessions, then we can truly be free from the pull of the culture and materialism. He has called us to be transformed in our hearts, minds, and lives. Scripture provides principles we need for wise and faithful money management.

What’s the Problem?

Most people have not learned Scriptural truths about money at home, church, or in school. Others have, but have yet to apply them. As a result, many of us live by the world’s perspective on finances instead of God’s. We often do this without even realizing it. The temptation to covet what others have and desire what the world has to offer has a powerful pull on our lives.

Luke 12:13-21 and Romans 12:1-2

Jesus had spent most of Luke 11 teaching his disciples and the crowds and confronting the Pharisees on various teachings. This passage in Luke 12:13-21 records Jesus responding to someone in the crowd who was seeking advice from Him as a rabbi with authority. Jesus uses this event to teach this individual as well as His disciples about greed and possessions.

In Romans 12:1-2 the Apostle Paul challenges us to present everything we are to God, to let Him change us so we can live in His plans. Consider these ideas as they relate to our commitment to Christ and this topic of God’s view on wealth:

  • According to the Bible, God has called each of us to be faithful managers of all He entrusts to us.
  • Many in our society have their lives and options severely limited and disrupted, because they are not following God’s financial principles for their lives.
  • Relationships are enhanced or degraded based on how we handle money. This is particularly true of marriage relationships.
  • The advance of God’s Kingdom is hindered through the misappropriation of His resources.
  • Frequently, biblical financial management is not taught at home, school or church. Our society is reaping the results of this ignorance.


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