Jesus Film Project

Hope and Healing in Cambodia

One woman's journey with Christ and HIV.

Tez Brooks

Living in Kompong Cham province, Cambodia's largest, with 1.6 million inhabitants, Sophea Seng contracted HIV from her husband before his death.

As her health declined, friends and relatives shunned the 45-year-old, believing she wouldn't survive.

When JESUS -- a film based on the Gospel of Luke -- was shown in her village, Sophea watched with excitement from her wheelchair.

Seeing Jesus heal the sick, she broke into tears.

After the film she prayed and invited Christ into her life.

Soon after seeing the film, Sophea was hospitalized.

Unable to afford treatment, she asked God to restore her health and prayed, "I will serve you the rest of my life, Lord."

Her recovery was swift and, upon being discharged from the hospital, Sophea immediately began telling the story of the gospel to fellow villagers.

Although no longer hospitalized, she remained infected with HIV, and continued to be shunned by her neighbors.

Yet, she continues telling people of God's power to save.

Over the next year, she saw her parents and other relatives pray and receive Christ.

Last year, Cru Cambodia showed the JESUS film to more than 18,000 people.

The team that brought JESUS to Sophea continues to visit her village, coaching her and others how to lead small groups and mentor new believers.

Sophea leads 3 home-church groups, accommodating approximately 60 members.

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