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His girlfriend wasn’t a Christian

Gregory Norman, The JESUS Film Project July 28, 2015

Don and Jenny befriended Tomo, a young Japanese man who became a Christian while they lived in Japan.

Tomo had a great desire for a wife, and after Don and Jenny returned home to the United States, he informed them that he had a girlfriend, named Keiko, but she was not a Christian.

He talked to her about Christ and had taken her to church in Yokohama, but she did not accept Christ because of her Buddhist beliefs. Tomo planned to take Keiko to visit Don and Jenny.

After the young couple's arrival, Don and Jenny showed the JESUS film in Japanese to Keiko and explained the gospel with Tomo translating.

She was hesitant to accept Christ since she did not want to do it just to please her boyfriend.

Several days later Don asked if she had thought more about Christ and the film.

Keiko posed several thoughtful questions and after careful consideration of the answers, made a commitment of faith in Christ.

Everyone broke into tears, hugged and rejoiced. Joyfully, Don baptized Keiko the following Sunday.

Now Keiko reads her Bible and prays daily. Don and Jenny send her verses for the couple to discuss on their dates.

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