Summer Projects 2011 – Heart Changing, Eye Opening, Challenging and Indescribable


Right now, another group of students are either heading out or settling in to the Summer Mission Project locations. We know from decades of experience that they are in for a life-changing summer. Students often use words like heart-changing, eye-opening, challenging and indescribable. They also tell us about feeling more confident in starting conversations about spiritual things and sharing their faith.

Summer Project 2011 By the Numbers:

  • Project Locations: 224
  • Students who went: 3,297
  • Sharing the Gospel
  • in Conversations: 40,817
  • with Groups: 28,388
  • through Media: 50,505
  • People indicating they trusted Jesus as Savior: 8,178
  • And… the first ever Fiji Summer Project (photo) saw 168 Fijians receive Christ!

    What the numbers don’t say…

    “From Day 1 I was immersed in the most loving community I’ve ever had” San Diego Summer Project

    I am excited to reach out to freshmen and show them what it looks like to have a flourishing relationship with God and what it looks like to be women of God.” Grand Traverse Bay

    “We shared with Diana on project, and she met with us for all ten follow ups! Before we left project, she was sharing the Gospel with her friends and leading one of them through the follow ups. I mean you hear all the time about God using you if you let Him, but I actually saw it and experienced it and it was so cool to know that the Holy Spirit was working through me!” Guayaquil, Equador. 

    The 2013 website will go live sometime in October. You can begin applying around November 1st.

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